• Nick Forgham

Black Belt Creativity To Overcome Problems and Challenges

When faced with a challenge, we sometimes know that we would benefit from a new approach, but are not sure how we can create one. Creativity is not a ‘thing’ that we can summon up when we feel like it.

Archimedes had his “eureka” moment in the bath, which gives us a clue as to his state of mind. He was relaxed.

But again being ‘relaxed’ is not something we can conjure up at will. So if we accept that when we are relaxed we are more creative, the challenge is to be able to relax when we want to.

Black Belts do a breathing and simple meditation exercise called ‘mokuso’. Mokuso focuses on our breathing, which a) gives us something very simple to focus on and b) connects our conscious minds (our conscious thinking) with our unconscious mind (the ultra powerful part of our brain that controls our heart, all our functions essential for life and a few other bits as well!).

To do mokuso, breathe in through your nose and imagine this breath, about the size of your thumb, going up your forehead, down the back of your head, down your spine, up under and into your tummy, up through the chest and then out through your mouth.

Do this about 5-6times, taking about 10 seconds each time, and you are doing mokuso.

When we relax, parts of our brains connect, parts that do not normally have the time or capacity. So we see things from a different perspective, or we put together two apparently unconnected ideas or thoughts or memories to give us that crucial insight.

Got a challenge or problem that you would like a different perspective on? Go and breathe! Even have a bath if you think that will help.

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