• Nick Forgham

Destroy The Ninjas Of Limiting Beliefs

I had a great time on Monday at St Johns school in Marlborough, working with Year 8s to banish the ninjas of limiting beliefs.

Our limiting beliefs affect us deeply. They affect our thoughts and our actions and therefore our results.  We have positive beliefs that empower us (“I can…”, “I am good at…”) but we also have limiting beliefs that hold us back, that prevent us from operating at our potential.

Our beliefs are stored in the cerebellum, at the back of our brains. This is where it is dark and murky. Not much light can get to this part of the brain, and this is where ninjas like to hide out!

But ninjas have a weak spot, because they reveal themselves to us in our self talk. The great thing, usually, about our self talk is that no-one else can hear it. And the bad thing about our self-talk?

Yes, you guessed. No-one else can hear it. But by listening to our own self-talk (I know it seems a bit weird listening to yourself talking to yourself) we can become aware of the ninjas of limiting beliefs.

And a Black Belt can defeat a ninja any day. How? Well one way is to take them o direct. So the self talk that comes from the ninjas of our limiting beliefs usually has a negative word. “Can’t” being a common one. Just take the “t” out. Change “I can’t….” into “I can…”.

It sounds simple, and it can be.

Listen to yourself, and take the “t” out of those negative words.

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