Nick provides a range of services that have a clear focus on the end result, and are designed to have impact.

The three stages for every engagement are the three parts to every karate technique:

  • Prepare - agree the criteria for success. Understanding exactly what this will event will achieve and how this success will be measured.

  • Execute - the ‘doing”. The balance between practical and theory; how much engagement (from zero to 100%)?

  • Follow Through - the actions after the event for maximum impact, and the timeframe.



Imagine an audience who have been motivated and inspired to think like a Black Belt.


Black Belts achieve extraordinary results, just by using what they already have. They have no need of any weapons or fancy gimmicks, just themselves and their own empty hands (‘kara te’ means empty hand in Japanese) in order to achieve extraordinary success.


These key messages resonate with schools, franchisees, small business owners and employees and managers in companies.


Nick is a Member of the PSA (Professional Speakers Association).


Executive Retreats and Team Development

A one or two-day retreat with 6-12 senior managers.


Understanding the process of ShuHaRi gives us insights into the journey to mastery, where we motivate and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.


Embracing the concept of humility, the ultimate aim of the art of karate, allows us to become effective leaders, where we are focused on the bigger picture. This allows us to put egos to one side, remove any conflict, and achieve results greater than the sum of the parts.



Practical half- and full-day sessions where we identify and then remove limiting beliefs that are holding us back from achieving our true potential.


We come to understand the importance of zanshin (awareness) and how to apply this to our business and personal lives. Then we are alert to dangers before they become critical, and we identify opportunities before others.


We know how to recognise our strengths, and how to play to them. And we embrace the power of commitment, so that we take action, and we know why we will never fail.


Network Ninja

Is your networking not working?


Be a networking ninja. Build trust and credibility quicker than your competitors, so that people will refer you to their contacts with confidence.


Nick co-runs BNI, the world’s largest networking and referral marketing organisation, in Berkshire and Wiltshire. This year members of BNI in Berkshire and Wiltshire are aiming to generate £14 million in referred business for each other.


Learn what top networkers do and why they do it, and get more from your networking.